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IP Transact

QuestZones broadband solutions ensure that your network transacts your Point of Sale (POS) card payments three to four times faster than dial-up. We provide different levels of service that run over fixed line DSL, wireless and/or wireless 3G.


  • Reduces risk of downtime as network traffic is spread among a number of suppliers
  • Often reduces telecoms charges due to reduced number of network connections and suppliers
  • Increased customer satisfaction due to shortened queue lengths as transactions are completed in seconds
  • Easy to manage – one point of contact for all your network requirements and one single bill
  • Business connected at all times

Additional benefits

  • Full private broadband provision for all business needs including email, banking, music streaming
  • Increased bandwidth
  • Instant connectivity with suppliers and business partners
  • Potential to provide WIFI to support internet café
  • Remote access to premises via your live CCTVs
  • Ability to control digital signage in your premises and across your group

Services comparison 





Dial up resiliency

3G resiliency


Installation cost

Monthly cost

Conventional internet x

Up to 5 days



Basic Fare Broadband (15G)



Best effort€100 €25
Basic Fare with added Zip (30G)x

Best effort€100€30
Back to the Buffet broadbandxx*

Best effort€100€40
Business Broadband with firewall xx x

Best effort€100€55
IP Transact Bronzexx*x
Best effort€250€65
IP Transact Silverxx*xx4 hour Mon-Fri (9-5)€250€99
IP Transact Goldxx*xx4 hour 24x7€250€145

* Firewall includes Virtual Private Network (VPN), intrusion detection, anti-virus protections and content filtering.
All 12 month contracts except IP Transact which is 36.
For a more detailed comparison chart, download the PDF.

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  • Always on
  • Transactions completed in an instant
  • 24 x 7 support helpline
  • 4 hour service level agreement


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