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The IPSO Annual Review 2009 provides the following facts:

  • There are firm signs of a migration from cash and cheques to electronic payments
  • ATM cash levels drop for the first time on record
  • Cheque usage continues to decline, electronic payments continue to grow
  • A mixed year for payment cards with debit card usage increasing, offset by a reduction in credit card activity

It is clear from the above report that cash and cheque usage in Ireland is in decline and card usage is growing.  It therefore becomes vital to ensure that the processing of card payments doesn’t take any longer than cash so that queues are kept to a minimum.  This becomes especially important in peak periods such as during sales promotions, back to school and Christmas shopping.

QuestZones specialises in managed broadband services for the retail and hospitality industries.  QuestZones managed resilient broadband services process debit and credit card payments in 4 to 10 seconds, reducing the time normally taken by at least 30 seconds.  Solutions that never fail can be set up in just a number of days compared to the industry average of weeks.

QuestZones service level objective reduces the repair mean time from industry average of 5 days to just 4 hours.  The company provides a choice of four excellent broadband services (3mb, 8mb, 12mb or other, over cable DSL or wireless 3G):

  • BIB: Business broadband – single broadband connection with various speeds up to 24 MB
  • Bronze: Managed broadband – single broadband connection, monitored by QuestZones 24 x 7
  • Silver:  Managed resilient broadband – at least 2 different broadband connections managed by QuestZones with 4 hour service level objective
  • Gold: Fully managed – at least 2 different broadband connections managed and monitored 24 x 7 by QuestZones with 24 x 365 support.  This service can also be integrated with all your service partners

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Fast food

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"There are more than 3 million debit and 2.5 million credit cards in Ireland"

IPSO Annual Review 2009