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Partners UK

QuestZones is a business Internet Service Provider (ISP) and has relationships with the following partners:

Broadband wholesale partners

QuestZones has a network to network interconnect with Griffin Internet to deliver the full range of ADSL broadband services from BT, Cable & Wireless and Tiscali.

QuestZones has a wholesale relationship with AQL to provide customers with Enterprise class, carrier grade mobile communications solutions. AQL delivers the best in mobile wireless broadband to our customers. All data connections are delivered over a private network direct to QuestZones data centre.

Value Added Service partners

Connecting London has been helping businesses to run smoothly and efficiently for 28 years and has been supporting Questzones clients for years. QuestZones partners with Connecting London for all support within the city of London and to provide an efficient and comprehensive response for our customers.

Connecting London partners with QuestZones to deliver a variety of managed broadband and network solutions to customers.

QuestZones partners with supplier Virtual Access (VA) to deliver the best in Customer Premises Equipment (CPE). VA's Service Managed Gateway is CPE that provides the security and service customers expect. The GW7000 is a versatile router platform for secure service delivery of VoIP, data and converged services over a selection of multiple broadband connections.

Case study.

QuestZones partners with Free-Hotspot to provide WiFi access service to our customers' customers. We ensure that WiFi traffic is kept separate from customers business and PoS traffic helping to ensure that PCI compliance is maintained at all times. 

Integral logo

Since its foundation in 1989, Integral has specialised in the development of card payment solutions for credit and debit cards. QuestZones has a direct network to network interconnect with Integral to ensure the best possible delivery of Point of Sale (PoS) transactions between our clients and their banks. We also partner with Integral to deliver PoS terminals for those customers preferring not to have terminals affiliated with a particular merchant service provider.

"Clearly, recommending anyone to our clients is not a decision we take lightly, but their track record has removed any doubts we may have had.  The analysis and recommendations QuestZones make are accurate and appropriate, demonstrating their capability in the field.... they have repeatedly shown they can deliver equipment and fully functioning service to even our largest clients, on time and on budget."

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