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Company Overview

QuestZones is an Irish based company founded in 2008 that is bringing and developing brokered DSL and secure VPN services from QuestZones Inc (based in North America) into the European marketplace. QuestZones.net was formed in 1999 and provides services to many fortune 500 companies in the retail and banking sectors.  QuestZones' solutions support payment and data networks for over 6,000 retail outlets across four continents, including international brands such as Aldo, Bell Canada and McDonalds.

QuestZones consults, supplies, manages and supports broadband internet connections from all major suppliers. With the choice of multiple broadband internet connections over cable, DSL and the 3G mobile network, we achieve significant cost savings.  Our service level objective reduces the mean time to repair from a best effort 5 days service to just 4 hours.

The company specialises in the supply, management and support of secure virtual private networks (VPN) in the Irish retail, hospitality, banking, insurance and oil and gas sectors.  Our VPN solution is particularly suited for retail Point of Sales (PoS) and supporting Automatic Teller Machines ATMs.

QuestZones' solutions increase performance, service levels and security, reduce costs as well as significantly cut down time at the checkout.

It works - quicker than cash.

Our differences

  • Debit/credit card payments processing speeds improved dramatically - from between 5 and 15 seconds (bank and card terminal hardware dependent)
  • Solutions can be set up in under 5 days rather than weeks
  • Always on (back up broadband providers ensure that if one goes down, another kicks in)
  • Service level objective that reduces the repair mean time from 5 days to just 4 hours
  • Standard service runs at speeds of up to 8Mbps. Higher speeds are available over fixed wireless, DSL or wireless 3G
  • Choice of four excellent broadband services:
  1. BIB:  Business Internet Broadband - single broadband connection with varying speeds up to 24M 

  2. IP Transact:
  3. Bronze: Managed broadband - single broadband connection, monitored 24x7 by QuestZones 
  4. Silver:  Managed resilient broadband - at least 2 different broadband connections managed by QuestZones with 4 hour service level objective 
  5. Gold: Fully managed- at least 2 different broadband connections managed and monitored 24 x 7 by QuestZones with 24 x 365 support.  This service can also be integrated with your service partners.

QuestZones - your business internet solutions partner

Debit card usage

"There has been a 60% increase in debit card payments since 2006." 

Quentin Teggin, Head of Consumer Segments, Bank of Ireland